Amua has a confulted history, the Hall Estate acquired it piecemeal from various owners. In 1923 Lauire Tulloch purchased Amua. Then in 1942 some of the hilly country across the river was sold to EH Joblin, Rangitira Station.

Amua was subsequently sold to the Schollum family. In 1970 the Moore family purchased Amua and are the present owners.

Fraser Moore has lived in Whatatutu most of his life and is familiar with the local community and the terrian of most of the farms in the district.

Nearly all of the stock work is done by horse. Fraser is a passionate member of the Poverty Bay hunt.

On marrying Fraser I moved to Whatatutu and have lived here for the past 36 years. I am Fraser's shepherd and help out on the farm when required to do so. I also keep the farm books.

I am a keen gardener and over the years I have planted numerous trees in the garden and on the farm.

We have 3 adult children all living and working overseas.